Lessons & Rentals



  • $49 per hour, flight and/or ground time


  • Renter’s insurance is required unless accompanied by an Ideal CFI
  • Renters may elect coverage under Ideal’s policy ($1000 deductible) for an additional $10 per Hobbs hour.  Must notify before flight if you elect for this coverage.                                 (No discounts)

Some of our Instructors

Dave Chilenski

Dave trained to be a flight instructor with Ideal Aviation. The son of a teacher, he’s passionate about instructing and training pilots.  He’s an active member of the Civil Air Patrol and a member of the Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association.  When he’s not flying he enjoys spending time with his family.

Ken Kellogg

Ken Kellogg

Ken is our most experienced flight instructor, and his passion for aviation is clear whenever he is in close proximity to an airplane! It is no wonder that Ken was named ‘Instructor of the Year’ in 2012 by the St. Louis Flight Instructors Association.

Craig O’Mara

Craig O’Mara

In 1970, when he was a Junior in high school, Craig learned to fly at St. Louis Downtown Airport. He is now a Boeing 747-400 Captain/Check Airman, teaching pilots to fly the 747. He has been a CFI since 1976, teaching in everything from ultra-lights, light aircraft, and war birds through airliners such as the DC-9, 737, 747, and Airbus 320. He is retired from the USAF Reserves where he flew and taught in the DC-9. Craig is a meticulous instructor with a gift for sharing his love of flying.